Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chris Szarka and Gene Makowsky-IP

Over the Trade show weekend, our town was visited by two Saskatchewan Roughriders. We were on our way to the Nickelback concert so time was kinda an issue. The deal was the local high school was fundraiser for a defibrillator so $5 or 2 players for $10 a picture to be signed after printed. Not a bad deal...So after a short wait I dropped $20 for the cause, laughed and said well I will get a football and jersey signed too. Some of my former students found me in line too, so I got them to get a smaller ball signed along with their hats too ( I then bought them a couple of Cokes). I have met both players before but the jersey is new so I added two more players (see earlier Rider post). More pics from the signing are in my Sports Image Section.