Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh My, Check this out! CFL Rider Football

This was the greatest CFL haul of the year. Every year the 2007 Grey Cup Champion, Saskatchewan Rough Riders hold a practice in Saskatoon instead of Regina. They hold an autographs session, then a practice. All the players are accessible and just hang around the entrance. Something like 70 players in camp and all 70 were there. A different approach this year that threw us for a loop but then turned quickly to a great thing. They had a bunch of JR Football players line up, which appeared like a autograph line. But the players came out high-fiving the kids and then mingling in the crowds. John Chick, a D-lineman walked down the isle of kids and someone asked him for an autograph, he motioned with his hands where he would go to sign. I just waited and he walked right over to us. I missed him on my 2008 Rider ball so this was cool. I turned right after and saw Andy Fantuz was signing. No one really saw where he was because in 10 mins, there was a 15 min wait to get any where near him. I met up with Marc Parenteau, who visited our school in May and is also a very talented Offensive Lineman for the Riders. I chatted with him for a bit and went for more autos. I got Jason Clermont and very end, I have him on another ball but it was good to get him on the team ball. Seante Williams signed my ball, looked at it and said "This is a nice looking ball, better get it into a glass case." When the pro athletes comment on your items to get signed, makes the day even better! Last year I got 34 Autos on the 2008 ball, this year, 56. Oh Yah!